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HomeGrow Soil Kit

Designed for the novice and enthusiast Cannabis cultivators, this HomeGrow Soil Kit provides the essential elements to grow organic craft cannabis at home. Each comes with living soil, barley straw, a cover crop blend. An at-home grow companion that will encourage hearty and fast flowering, suitable for climates with seasonal changes and for indoor growers hoping to achieve multiple harvests within the year.



  • BUILDASOIL 3.0 LIVING SOIL: 7.5 gallons of craft soil designed for the water-only grower in mind. An incredibly rich soil that is balanced for most plants, excellent for flowering and full term growth.
  • BUILDASOIL BARLEY STRAW: 2 gallons of straw used to establish a healthy mulch layer, combine with cover crop and leaf trimmings to form compost/new soil which will provide more nutrients for plants.
  • BUILDASOIL 12 SEED COVER CROP BLEND: Designed to encourage mycorrhizal fungi populations and bring nutrients to soil. Combine with barley straw to establish a healthy mulch layer.

BUILDASOIL 3.0 SOIL: Oly Mountain Fish Compost, BuildASoil Worm Castings, BuildASoil BIG 6 Trace Minerals with Humic Acid, Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Organic New Mexico Pumice, Organic Par-Boiled Rice Hulls, Grand Mesa Colorado Volcanic Basalt, Organic Diamond K Gypsum, Clean Sourced Calcium Phosphate, Premium Calcium Bentonite, Organic Thorvin Icelandic Kelp Meal, Organic Terviva Karanja Cake, Organic 2 Row Milled Malted Barley, Organic Alfalfa Meal, BuildASoil Pre Charged Bio-char with Rootwise Mycrobe Complete


12 SEED COVER CROP: yellow sweet clover, clover white dutch, clover medium red, clover crimson, flax, cowpeas iron and clay, lentils, hairy vetch, vetch common, millet white, pea 4010 forage, buckwheat

How to Use

For best results use the entire 7.5 gallons of soil in a 10 gallon pot. This will allow space at the top of the pot for top dressing as the plant transitions into flowering.

Seeds can be germinated directly in water or a mix of water plus aloe to form a germination soak. Soak seeds overnight or for 12-48 hours, at 65-70 degrees F° or until root is visible. This soaking method will allow water to permeate effectively and encourage germination. Remove seeds from soak and plant just below surface of soil. Water soil and keep the area moist. Expect seedlings to emerge from soil in 3-10 days.

*Before germinating seeds and growing, check your state for rules and regulations in regards to at-home Cannabis cultivation.