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Castella Cake with CBD Honey Whipped Cream & Earl Grey Creme Tea

Baking is something I find very comforting and I appreciate recipes that are relatively quick and easy. This particular Castella Cake recipe is our family favorite. It’s light, delicious, and can be whipped up in minutes!

Castella Cakes are very popular in Japan.  With a hint of sweetness, this delicate cake is very moist, smooth, and bouncy.  I’ve added a few of my favorites to pair with this cake – CBD honey whipped cream and earl grey creme tea.  This full experience is a great afternoon treat, after dinner dessert dish, and/or weekend baking project.  Before we start, I highly recommend a baking scale (any standard baking scale will do) to measure out your ingredients.  Both cake and tea recipes are perfect for 2, and feel free to scale up to make larger portions to be enjoyed by more people.

Castella Cake

All of the dry and wet ingredients are listed with photo instructions.  A step-by-step video is also at the end.  If you prefer a less egg flavor or a hint of freshness, consider adding finely chopped lemon zest to step 5.  Enjoy!

CBD Honey Whipped Cream

Onto the CBD Honey Whipped Cream.  Adding CBD honey to whipped cream creates an additional layer of flavor and aroma.  This recipe creates a good amount which can be saved and stored in the refrigerator.  Pair it with castella cakes, ice cream, coffee, pancakes, and more! 

CBD Earl Grey Creme Tea

This Earl Grey Creme Tea recipe is very special.  The hint of sweetness comes from the condensed milk and steam milk.  Together with the earl grey, this combination creates delightful rich deep flavors that will make tea lovers and non-tea drinkers a fan.  The CBD in the earl grey is designed to help calm the mind and enhance mood.  Enjoy this tea with castella cakes, as part of your morning routine, or as an after dinner drink to de-stress.  

The Complete Pairing

Top the castella cake with fresh fruit and a side of honey whipped cream.  Enjoy with earl grey creme tea.

Featured Ingredients – CBD Honey and Earl Grey Tea

Adding CBD honey to whipped cream creates an additional layer of flavor and aroma.
Common Ground’s Earl Grey blend is bold, soothing, and designed to help calm the mind and enhance mood. For a rich and creamy tea experience, add steam milk with condensed milk.